Family Support Center

"Without the Family Support Center, we would have had to sleep in the hallway at the hospital."
- A Mother

Many of the families that THAP assists travel to Nairobi from remote areas hundreds of miles away. They arrive at the THAP office with few or no funds and do not have a place to stay. To help these families, THAP opened its Family Support Center in July, 2010 to provide the children and their caregivers a safe and secure place to stay while undergoing medical care in Nairobi. Our Center is located in a two-story rental home in South C, Nairobi, only a ten minute trip to The Mater Hospital, located in South B, where many children receive medical care.

The Family Support Center provides sleeping rooms for the patients and caregivers, a kitchen for preparing meals, and a common area for children and families to gather together, much like a Ronald McDonald House found in the U.S. Since THAP’s patients come from desperately poor families, poor diet and a harsh environment at home often threaten their recovery, especially when the children are weak from surgery. THAP accommodates such patients and their caregivers after leaving the hospital, ensuring they recuperate in hospitable conditions and are within access of a hospital in case of emergency.

"We were so worried about our child and having to travel so far to Nairobi for her to get the medical care she needed. I don’t know what my family would have done without THAP and the Center."
- A Mother and Father

The Family Support Center is more than a safe, secure, and free place to stay. It allows THAP, thanks to grants and in-kind support, to work with parents and caregivers through our Family Education Program to help them insure their children have continued good health. The Center, with its expanded space, also allows the THAP staff to treat each family’s case in a private and sensitive manner, and enables them to develop a plan for monitoring and following up with each family over a pre-determined period of time.

The THAP office is located at the Family Support Center, which facilitates management of the facility without increasing staffing. THAP staff schedule rooms within the Center for the needs of patients and caregivers when they are in Nairobi for medical care; provide meals, training, and support services to caregivers; and offer transport to and from medical appointments using THAP’s vehicle.

Family Support Center
THAP’s Family Support Center